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"Should Christians
Drink Alcohol?"
Paperback Book
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Jill felt led to write this book because of the rise among Christians who are defending drinking. Her deep convictions against drinking alcoholic beverages has prompted her to study the Bible and prepare this book for readers who are searching for the truth.

"Should Christians Drink Alcohol?" is a book every born again believer should have. It's easy reading with scriptural answers to the prevalent questions regarding alcohol in the Christian's life. Did Jesus drink? Would He want us to? Why is it wrong? Is drinking in moderation o.k?  These and other questions are answered in her book. The book is only 60 pages long, but informative and interesting.

There is also a companion DVD and CD available to order upon request. To order the DVD or CD, you must e-mail Jill at: revjill@yahoo.com

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Jill during her book signing, October 25, 2014

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?:
Sipping and Slipping
Paperback – July 7, 2014
by Jill Walker (Author)

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